The Trailblazers: Elizabeth Tkachenko/Alexei Kiliakov (ISR)

Birthday: 21 February 2006/11 April 2005
Hometown: North Potomac/North Potomac
Coaches: Alexei Kiliakov sr, Elena Novak, Jimmie Manners
Choreographers: Elena Novak, Jimmie Manners

Music: Oh Yeah, Desire, The Race by Yello (RD); Ojos Azules, Danzante Vasija De Barro, Sikuriadas

Instagram: elizabeth.tkachenko.75/alexeijr.k/tkachenkokiliakov (FD)

Little Elizabeth was five, when she was recruited from the playground to the ice rink. Alexei was six when he started to skate with her under the guidance of his parents Alexei Kiliakov senior and Elena Novak.

Together they have grown into a very promising young ice dance team that won their first medals on the ISU Junior circuit and the first medal in the ISU Junior Grand Prix Final for Israel.

In Taipei, they want to make history again to become the first ice dance medalists from Israel at the ISU World Junior Championships.


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