Skaters : Yu Feng TSAI

A rising figure skating star from Chinese Taipei, Yu-feng Tsai, made a splash on the scene last year. Just after being promoted to the senior women’s group, she captured the bronze medal at the ISU Junior Grand Prix Osaka station, that is her second international competition. She also etched her name in history as the first figure skater from Chinese Taipei to qualify for the Winter Youth Olympics.

Fresh off her experience at the 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games in Gangwon Province, South Korea, Yu-feng sets her sights on the upcoming 2024 World Junior Championships at Taipei Arena. Her ambition is clear: to showcase her short program and free skating with flawless execution.

A1. Really excited but also a little nervous. After all, it has always been my dream to present myself in my hometown in such a world-class competition, and I look forward to the fans in my hometown cheering me and encouraging me.

A2. My goal for this competition is to strive for flawlessness in both my short program and free skating. But beyond technical precision, I yearn to pour my heart into the most complete and captivating performance of this event for all audiences.

A3. I don’t know while” milestone” might be too grand, I’m thrilled with my results and records so far. They prove hard work pays off, but I know the journey’s just begun. There’s endless potential for growth, and I’m excited to tackle the challenges ahead.

A4. Maintaining our regular training schedule remains crucial, my coach reminds me every day, “Don’t let the competition name weigh you down. Think of every game as a chance to outdo yourself, to paint your masterpiece on the ice.” As a result, finding ways to make my own technical execution easier and my performances more engaging is the key point of my current preparation.

A5. I hope that I can maintain a healthy body in 2024, stabilize my skills and training. I also hope that in the events after these two competitions, I can try to increase the technical difficulty, and continue to work hard in the future to achieve more success. Let more and more people can pay attention to this sport.


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