Ticket Q&A

Q1 : How to refund or cancel tickets?

  • Customers can log in as a member, click “My Ticket” at the top of the homepage, click “Contact Organization” if you want to refund or cancel the event, and fill in the order number and reason for cancellation in the comment box.
  • After completing the above steps and clicking “SEND”, the application for ticket refund will be completed and the OC will assist in canceling the ticket upon receipt of the letter.
  • Please note: Refunding electronic tickets is only possible for the entire order, and cannot be made for individual tickets.

Q2 : How to get in?

  • Entry must be presented with an electronic ticket, and entry will not be granted with any other forms of presentation, such as confirmation order emails or screenshots.
  • After completing the ticket order, you can obtain an electronic ticket.  Click on “My Ticket” at the top of the homepage, select your order on the page, and then click on “Ticket Details” to see your QRCode (Quadratic Rectangular Code). Each ticket comes with a QR Code that allows one person to enter the venue, so please follow the e-ticket to get your seat. Customers can also download the KKTIX app from the App Store/Google Play and show the QR Code on their mobile device when you enter the venue, or simply print out the QR Code and scan it as your ticket. On the day of the event, please queue up in order for entry verification with the QR code at the venue.

Q3 : Is it possible to re-enter the venue if I leave in the middle of the session?

  • Midway departure in this event refers to leaving the Taipei Arena, especially through the ticket inspection point on the first floor.
  • After leaving the venue, if you need to re-enter the venue, please follow the instructions of the on-site staff and apply for the identification of your handstamp to prove your credentials.
  • If you only leave the spectator seats to rest or use the restroom within the venue, it is not considered leaving, and you can re-enter the spectator seats. When re-entering, please follow the staff’s instructions and enter during breaks, such as ice resurfacing breaks, without disturbing the ongoing competition.

Q4 : Can I help my friend with ticket booking?

Consumers must use their real names to request the tickets and fill in valid personal information. To assist relatives and friends in purchasing tickets, they must obtain the consent of the owner of the personal information. Once the ticket is requested with false information, it is involved in the Article 210 of Criminal Code of the Republic of China, “the crime of forgery”: A person who forges or alters a private document and causes injury to the public or another shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than five years. Aslo, according to the regulation of article 10-1 of Development of the Cultural and Creative Industries Act: Where fraudulent information is provided via computer or other equipment or other irregularities occur when purchasing tickets or obtaining claim tickets to artistic or cultural events, the penalty shall be a maximum three years’ imprisonment with possibility of parole, a fine of no more than NT$3 million, or both, the organizer and KKTIX has the right to cancel the consumer’s order immediately, please do not take it personally.

Q5 : I don’t have a Taiwan cell phone number, how do I join the membership to get tickets?

  • Please enter your phone number as ‘Country Code + Local Phone Number,’ for example: +886912345678.
  • If you do not receive the SMS verification code, we recommend that you double-check that the country code you selected in the cell phone number field and the cell phone number you entered are correct.
  • If you still cannot receive the SMS verification code after trying, please contact customer service at (02)2752-2836 or send an email (support@kktix.com) to ask for customer service assistance for verification.
  • Poor signal or network congestion may prevent you from receiving the code. We recommend that you go to a location with a good signal to obtain the code again, or obtain it again at a later time.

Q6 : On-site standby audience mechanism.

  • This event is a charity competition primarily focused on promoting figure skating. In order to allow more figure skating enthusiasts to attend this high-level competition, free ticket reservations are open to ice skating fans worldwide. The association will also reserve seats for the specified session until the start of the competition.
  • After the competition starts, a rolling count of available seats will be conducted based on the on-site seating situation. Any remaining vacant seats will be opened for on-site standby spectators, aiming to achieve the goal of promoting figure skating.
  • Therefore, for ticket holders who arrive late, please follow the rules for on-site standby spectators. Queue up in order of arrival and, after entering, follow the guidance of the staff to enter the spectator area. During break times, such as ice resurfacing, do not enter without proper guidance to avoid disrupting the ongoing competition.


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