• You must verify your phone number and email address before requesting the tickets on KKTIX. Please visit https://kktix.com/users/edit to confirm if your verification is successful. Avoid using Yahoo or Hotmail as your login email as verification emails might be undelivered to these service providers.
  • Each KKTIX member could request for a maximum of two (2) tickets per competition and please make sure to complete the verification process at least 24 hours before the ticket request opens. We cannot guarantee successful verification on the day when the ticket request starts and the accounts that are verified less than 24 hours before the ticket request starts may not be able to request tickets.
  • You will receive the electronic ticket after finishing the ticket request process, and one ticket with a QR code is available to enter the venue for one person. Please have your seat according to the seat number on the electronic ticket. It is available to download KKTIX app from App Store/Google Play when you go into the venue and show the QR Code of a ticket. Otherwise, directly printing the QR Code of a ticket is also regarded as the permission of entering the venue.

What should I do if I can’t find my e-ticket QR code? Check here.
What should I do if I can’t receive the SMS verification code when verifying my phone number? Check here.

Ticket Request Link: ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships Taipei 2024 (kktix.cc)

Tickets Request Period: Please refer to the below table for more details.

Open Period
Category and Segment
February 28th, 2024 (WED)
2024/1/19 12:00
2024/2/28 13:20
2024/1/19 12:00
2024/2/28 21:45
Junior Pairs – Short Program
Opening Ceremony & Junior Women – Short Program
February 29th, 2024 (THU)
2024/1/19 12:00
2024/2/29 18:10
2024/1/19 12:00
2024/2/29 21:55
Junior Men – Short Program
Junior Pairs – Free Skating & Victory Ceremony Junior Pairs
March 1st, 2024
2024/1/19 12:00
2024/3/1 16:45
2024/1/19 12:00
2024/3/1 21:40
Junior Ice Dance – Rhythm Dance
Junior Women – Free Skating & Victory Ceremony Junior Women
March 2nd, 2024
2024/1/19 12:00
2024/3/2 15:25
2024/1/19 12:00
2024/3/2 20:10
Junior Ice Dance – Free Dance & Victory Ceremony Junior Ice Dance
Junior Men – Free Skating & Victory Ceremony Junior Men
March 3rd, 2024
2024/1/19 12:00
2024/3/3 17:00
Exhibition Gala


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